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how to say no in a tactful way?

If you learned that someone likes you so much but you do not feel the same, how can you tell your feelings in a way that he/she will not be hurt?

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While the latter has a special feeling for you and you do not, there no such way that you will not hurt him or her. The fact that you are not feeling the same way as to him/her, that alone will surely stab his/her heart. However, to decrease the pain of disappointment you may say it in a direct yet polite manner. It is better to hurt him all at once, than to let him expect for the wrong hope, he will soon get to pass with it. Besides, he may thank you in the future for doing so.

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Another way to let somebody realize that you do not feel the same way is to withdraw from any chances of being together slowly. You may not need to tell him or her directly but he or she will probably understand it. If you do not possess the courage to say it then you can simply show it in a gradual manner to lessen the heartache. As what they say, actions speak louder than words.

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Rejection is one of the most painful times in everyone’s life. Nevertheless, it varies on how the person being dumped views it. In any ways you can deliver your feelings towards him/her whether how nice or how rude you were; the bottom line is he/she will still be hurt. If ever you think and feel that there is no spark on your first date, do not agree on additional dates. It is better to end all communication as soon as possible, especially if you are not interested on pursuing a relationship. Keep the conversation simple and honest. Do not say thing if you do not really feel that way, some may sense insincerity. Listen carefully and analyze the other person is feeling. As much as possible do not overly connect just keep your statements simple and resist the urge to console.

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Telling someone that you do not like him/her is a tough task to do. It is very hard to find the right words to say when rejecting someone. By any means, you will still hurt his/her feeling. The best thing that you can do is to tell the person immediately that you are not feeling the same way. The more you prolong the situation, the harder it takes to tell the person what you are feeling.rnrnWhen you talk to the person, explain your part very sincerely. State that you do not intend to hurt his/her feelings. It's just that you just want to be honest to yourself and to him/her at the same time. Tell the person that you are still looking forward that he/she will forgive you and maintain your friendship as possible.rn

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